How To Travel With Friends

Traveling with friends sounds like a lot of fun! Unlike with family members, we get along perfectly well with our friends. However, travel can prove to be a serious litmus test of your friendship.

Here are a few things to ensure you’ll come back with your friendship intact – or perhaps stronger:

1. Talk About Money:
Stats show that finances are one of the top three reasons for divorce! So don’t think your friendship won’t fall prey to it! Talk about money well ahead of the trip. You might assume you both have the same budget but that’s not often true. If your friend’s budget is lower than yours then she’ll resent you for spending “extra” and if her’s is higher then you’ll feel the same way. Sit together and discuss what are the things you want to spend money on and which things aren’t a priority. One of you may want to invest in food but the other may feel it better to get cheap food and save money for other things. Just remember that things can get really ugly really fast if you don’t talk about money ahead of time.

2. Finalize