How to Choose a Camping Lantern

camping-lanterns-main_feIn the last decade, camping and hiking have become one of the most popular outdoor leisure activities for especially people who live in the cities. And sometimes, people have to spend the night, as they say, where the night found, for example, in a tent on the shore of a lake or river. Thus, a wonderful camping lantern is essential for every camper. So, what is the suitable camping lantern?

Basic Requirements for Camping Lantern

  • Design of a Camping Lantern

Appearances of camping lamps can be very different. Some models of lamps are made in the style of a kerosene lamp, the other in the form of a conventional ceiling or wall lamp, which is a hemisphere or a rectangle. I believe that the lamp should be like a lantern, to which we are accustomed in the usual sense of the word.

  • Optical System

Camping lamps’ optical system can be divided into two main types, the direct and reflected light. Direct light lamps adopt low-cost LEDs, which poorly perceived by the human eyes. The light just enough to, for example, see the face of interlocutors at the table. The fact is that the human eye is most sensitive to sunlight. In the last 3-4 years, LED manufacturers have improved their lighting performance and achieved LED light which outputs almost complete coincident emitted spectrum with sunlight. Now, the color temperature of the LED light is 4800 – 5200 K. One of the leaders in the production of LEDs is an American company, CREE. So, I believe that a camping lantern with CREE LEDs will be the right option.

My Choice

Searching for the suitable camping lamp, I settled on the following camping lamp torch.

Brief characteristics of the lamp:

  • Material: Plastics, ABS
  • Lens Material: PC
  • Mode: 5(Red flash/Red light/Strong light/Dim light/Strobe)
  • Lumen: 90LM
  • Illumination Time: 16 Hours
  • Lamp Wick Type: CREE XPG
  • Battery Type: 3 x AA batteries
  • Weight: About 78g

With the rubber anti-slip button and one key switch, it’s easy for operation. And the five lighting modes can satisfy different needs outdoors. There is a sealing ring on the battery cabin, which is waterproof and can protect batteries well. With stainless steel hook and magnet on the bottom, it is very convenient for use.


Generally speaking, when you choose a camping lantern, you should take into account the design, the optical system, and etc. Sometimes, it depends on where you go and how much you can afford.

Six Great Reasons to Make Your Next Vacation a Camping Trip

Do you remember the last time you unplugged and got away from it all? There’s nothing like the feeling of being in touch with nature, but so often today we think we’re too busy to get back to our roots. Here are five reasons why you should find the time to go camping with your friends and family soon.

1. Going Off the Grid

Today’s technology is amazing. We have the world’s entire library of information at our fingertips, and we can connect with each other in an instant. However, every once in awhile it’s a good idea to disconnect from the constant barrage of news, gossip, and updates and experience the outdoors. Camping is a great excuse to leave the tablet at home, and enjoy the world.

2. Variety

Sometimes, you want something a little more involved than yet another hotel with a concrete pool. There are great camping locations almost everywhere, so it’s perfect whether you want to stay close to home or travel and see different parts of the country! Also, one of the best things about nature is that there’s always something new to discover. Even the most experienced campers can see things they’ve never seen before.

3. Save Money

Once you buy all the equipment you’ll need, the cost for camping is just whatever food you want to take! It’s a great and inexpensive way to take the family out for a weekend of exploring and fun. For just the price of s’mores, hot dogs, and bottled water, you’ve created a lifetime of memories.

4. Bonding

With everyone’s busy schedules, constant distractions, and a never-ending list of chores, it can be hard sometimes to make time for our relationships. Once you get out into a quiet campground, you’ll find it’s easy to listen to each other again. You’ll also find bonding comes naturally when you’re working together to find the best campsite, gathering firewood, and putting up the tent. Even the moodiest teen will find themselves having fun once the toasted marshmallows start to catch fire!

5. Nature

There’s no denying it – the best part about camping is getting back to nature. Take some time to enjoy the smell of the woods. Go for a hike and see how many different types of wildlife you can spot. And even if you don’t live in a big city, you’ll be amazed at the difference in the night sky when the stars come out.

6. Exercise

With all the fun you and your family will be having, the extra exercise you’ll get is also an advantage! Hiking, boating, and even getting up and moving around are all ways to get a little more active. And with all the calories you’ll burn, that meal cooked over the campfire will taste even more delicious!

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The Best Tents & How To Choose Them

Best does not always equate itself to a high price tag. The same is true when looking for the best tents. Buying a tent is not as easy as picking up a catalogue then buying the first tent that catches your eye. You’ll probably regret doing this when you find out that the one you bought is not fit for freezing conditions and you’re stuck in it freezing like a popsicle. Choosing the best tents for your needs takes a lot of considerations. There are different varieties of tents that can be used in different seasons. Don’t use the same tent you used for summer camping during winter. You’ll regret it. To choose the best tents, consider the following points.

The time of the year you’re going camping. Tents are classified into 3 types depending on what season they’re going to be used. All-season tents can be used year round, although they can’t stand up to very harsh winter conditions, not an option for a little winter campout. 3-season tents can be used year round as well and can withstand anything but the coldest of winters. 4-season tents are designed to be used in extremely cold climates.

Best Tents Considerations

Will the tent keep you dry? Make sure that the tent is made of waterproof material, not like those things that you can get at the army surplus store. Check the seams and the fly if they’re weatherproof. Rain water can easily find its way through shoddy stitching. Some tents also come with a rain fly for added rain proofing. The floor is very important as well. Water should not seep from under you. You can also spread a tarp on the floor for added protection. You don’t want to sleep on a wet bed right?
The ease of setting up. Choose a tent that can be pitched as easy and as quickly as possible. This will prove helpful just in case it rains all of a sudden. Another thing is you don’t want to spend 2 or 3 hours setting up an overly complicated contraption. After which you end up with something not even remotely resembling a tent. You have better things to do than that, like enjoying the outdoors, cooking your meals, swimming in the lake or just plain laying back.

Ventilation. Sleeping inside a tent on a hot summer night can be suffocating. Imagine sharing a balmy hot tent with 2 or 3 other people. That would not be a good experience. Make sure that your tents have opening on all sides, usually covered by mesh screens to keep the bugs out. You might also want to think about buying a tent fan, especially when camping at the height of summer.

Buying the best tents shouldn’t be that hard. Again, it doesn’t mean that just because you bought the most expensive one, you have the best. Just remember to consider the things mentioned above and you will have a fun, relaxing, and hassle free time while camping.

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How to Withstand a Long-Haul Flight With Simple Actions


You need a solid plan to prepare for several hours of your flight, but it does not have to do with work. Though time can fly when you stare at spreadsheets and write proposals, it does not make those hours disappear. You want them to vanish without a trace. You can put on those headphones and watch Hollywood blockbusters. Finishing lots of work is okay, but you are not used to going through 15 hours without getting an email or phone call. Therefore, I persuade you to bring some work to do, however, this will be futile when it comes to the middle part of your ordeal. Don’t pass up headphones and Hollywood movies.

Do not take along too much stuff.

Checked in baggage fees encourage travelers to bring lots of stuff, but this could burn you during a long-haul flight. Placing more beneath the seat before you gives less legroom and more limited space to deal with for 15 to 16 hours. Avoid bringing too much stuff which will lead to having less space for stretching and sleeping.

Gear Up

You may not be a gear person when it comes to flying. Though you do not usually wear eye masks or use neck pillows, earplugs and noise-canceling headphones, these could certainly help during a long-haul flight. As earlier mentioned, your entire carry-on baggage should be less, but consider bringing some of those quite small survival tools. Your mind and body will be grateful for all the little things that offer comfort, and the hassle of packing and taking them along will be made lighter by the misery of going through 15 long hours of carrying kids, listening to the pilot’s voice and noise of the engine, as well as a major pain in the neck. So, do not forget your gear.

Get Complete Rest before Boarding

Don’t think that the long hours of your flight will be the best time to catch up on sleep. Though it seems like a good idea to hit on the reclining seat when you are too tired, hoping to get enough sleep during the whole trip, you are about to get upset when, for some reason, you cannot get enough sleep. You will be flying long enough to get a few winks, even though you may have rested a bit. What you can do is take it as it comes. When your eyes begin to close, wear those eye covers and earplugs.

Look after your Stuff

You can’t avoid having unscrupulous travelers on board, and a long trip gives them enough time to locate your wallet, wait for you to sleep and inspect your luggage. Keep your valuables hidden where only a TSA X-ray machine could find them. Hide your passport, credit cards and money in a belt bag underneath your clothes.

Inquire about Seats at the Gate

If you were not able to get good seats beforehand, try to ask at the gate. If it is not a full flight, there may still be an empty row, and the gate agent could you put you and your companion in a window and aisle arrangement, reducing the chance of having another traveler sit at the center, thus getting you at least a seat and a half.

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