5 Tips to Book Transportation for Events

When organizing different sizes of events, such as a group outing, wedding or conference, arranging land transportation can be problematic. There are factors you need to take into consideration, including headcount, budget and guest needs, among others. Regardless of what the occasion, you want to ensure that the company you choose provides transport that is safe, smooth and comfortable. Look into the following tips to book excellent group transport within your budget.

Allow More for the Headcount

Ideally, you should have the final headcount prior to booking event transportation. However, when planning events, there are several factors that can influence whether you can give the exact headcount way ahead of time. It would be easier to give a solid attendance estimate beforehand if the event is a company outing, whereas the RSVP deadline of a wedding would have to wait until two weeks prior to the event to come up with the final headcount. No matter what the situation, it is more practical to overestimate the headcount and make the necessary revisions when the numbers are confirmed. In the end, you want to be sure that all guests have a seat on the bus.

Verify the Company’s Capacity

Certainly the number of vehicles required will depend on the number of guests. For this reason, it is crucial to think about the fleet size of the transportation company. This way, you will know if they are capable of providing the right number of vehicles.

When booking for an event that requires 50 buses, be sure that the operator you decide on can supply all that. Also find out if they can provide alternate or extra vehicles in case they are needed. Larger fleets have a plan for emergencies, such as unexpected rise in attendance and maintenance problems that smaller fleets cannot cope with. You can feel more at ease with a large fleet, knowing they have a contingency plan if any last minute problems come up.

Recognize Guest Needs

It is important to be familiar with your attendees and know if any of them will need special accommodations. For instance, when a guest cannot go up the stairs, the transportation company should provide ADA-compliant vehicles.

Make Clear the Schedule

When you decide on a transportation provider, make sure they are aware of your group’s schedule. Some groups just need to schedule their pick-up, drop-off time. Others with multi-location events need a customized approach. As an example, a corporate meeting runs on a fixed agenda, while a pub-crawl has a more flexible schedule.

Knowing the need that the event focuses on lets the transportation company determine the number of drivers required and eventually, helps them in supplying the best transportation solution.


The moment you have booked your group’s transportation, be sure to get a written confirmation. It would also be wise to verbally confirm the booking two to four days prior to the event, to make sure that all things including routing, scheduling and number of vehicles are in order.

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A Checklist of the Most Essential Things You Need Before Going on a Trip

Planning to go on a trip this year? How about you prepare a checklist so that you don’t miss out on anything.

Going on a trip can be one of the most exhilarating experiences in your life. You will be able to meet a lot of people, learn about their life and cultures, and also get to see new places. However, if you forget your camera behind, then you might feel depressed as you won’t be able to capture your memories. To prevent this, the best thing you can do is prepare a checklist and stick to it so that you never miss out on anything. Thinking how to prepare a checklist? Well, we have done it for you! Take a look and keep checking off items as soon as you the tasks have been accomplished.

Keep Your Ticket, Visa, and Passport

Remember how much time you spent looking for cheap airfares online? Now is the time to enjoy the cheap airfares secured online and your trip. Nowadays, you can show an e-ticket on your tablet or smartphone at the airport counter but if you are travelling abroad, it’s essential that you keep a copy of your visa and passport with you. If you have any other form of identity, it’s a good idea to keep that with you too. This way, if you happen to lose your documents, you can vouch for your identification using these set of documents.

Check Your Clothes

When you are packing your clothes for travelling, it’s important to remember that you will need a variety of garments for your trip. Ensure that you at least have a pair of pyjamas or sleeping clothes, a pair of jeans and tees, underwear, and any other clothes that you normally wear. If you are going to attend a special event, then pack a suit or a dress for the occasion. Think of all the clothes you will require during your trip and pack accordingly.

Put in Your Gadgets

In this digital age, you will need a few gadgets to help you get through in your day to day life. Apart from your smartphone, tablet or laptop, you will also need to pack in your glucometer, BP monitor, or any other health gadget that you use every day or at least frequently. Make a list of these gadgets and tick off the list as you pack each one of them. This way, your health will be under check wherever you are.

These are some of the basic things that you will need when you are travelling. So, make a list and keep adding items and checking them to be fully sure that you haven’t missed packing anything.

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5 Must Have Travel Gadgets

gadgets-de-mochilaMoney, visas and physical fitness aren’t enough for a good trip. In the modern era, travel gadgets are a must too!

Here is a list of some must have travel gadgets:

1. Travel Pillow:
This is one of the must have things whether you’re traveling on a bus, train or a plane. Pillows provided by airlines are very thin and slippery. It’s really hard to set one in the right position. And you don’t even begin relaxing when it slips down and the struggle starts anew. Best thing to do is bring your own travel pillow. Since it goes around your neck, it will never fall off. Plus you can rest your neck comfortably on either side. Now you can spend more than half the journey taking a pleasant nap. Even if you wish to spend your entire journey watching movies, you won’t get any neck cramps!

2. Leg Hammock:
This ingenious invention will be a lifesaver! Once you use it, you’ll never want to travel without it! It attaches to the tray table and hangs low. With the comfortable inflatable pillows inside, your legs and feet will be elevated, improving blood circulation and even allowing you to sleep on your side! You can recline your seat, rest your head on your travel pillow and place your legs in the hammock. We promise you’ll be more comfortable sitting in your economy seat than you will be sitting in business class. No need to waste money on a business class ticket anymore!

3. Universal (all-in-one) Plug Adapter:
Carrying around so many chargers is hard enough but then carrying an adapter for each one is worse. International travel requires some extra care of your electronic gadgets. You have to make sure you have a matching adapter for each device so that it gets the correct voltage. There’s nothing worse than plugging your phone charger directly in a 220V switch and then seeing your device blow up. However, the good new is that one universal adapter will work with all different chargers!

4. Noise-Cancelling Headphones:
Whether it’s the baby in the next row crying his ears out or the couple in your neighboring hotel room having a yelling match, this gadget will save your ears (and sanity!) each time. Noise-cancelling headphones will block out the world around you so you can listen to some soothing music or just sweet silence! Trust me, when you’re stuck in a traffic jam in a third world country and your bus driver won’t stop honking, you’ll be grateful you had these! It’s also a great signal to say you’re not in the mood to socialize.

5. Protection Case For Your Smartphone:
Since you’ll be using your phone a lot for navigation, it’s best to get a protection case. It’s hard to keep your phone in your hand when you have so much luggage to carry. You’ll be dropping your phone a lot so better get a shock-proof case! These days, waterproof and dustproof cases are available as well.

Travel gadgets can make your trip a lot easier and comfortable. Here is a list of gadgets you should buy for your next trip.

How To Travel With Friends

Traveling with friends sounds like a lot of fun! Unlike with family members, we get along perfectly well with our friends. However, travel can prove to be a serious litmus test of your friendship.

Here are a few things to ensure you’ll come back with your friendship intact – or perhaps stronger:

1. Talk About Money:
Stats show that finances are one of the top three reasons for divorce! So don’t think your friendship won’t fall prey to it! Talk about money well ahead of the trip. You might assume you both have the same budget but that’s not often true. If your friend’s budget is lower than yours then she’ll resent you for spending “extra” and if her’s is higher then you’ll feel the same way. Sit together and discuss what are the things you want to spend money on and which things aren’t a priority. One of you may want to invest in food but the other may feel it better to get cheap food and save money for other things. Just remember that things can get really ugly really fast if you don’t talk about money ahead of time.

2. Finalize Your Itinerary:
Wanting to go to the same place doesn’t mean you’ll want to do the same things there as well. If you’re at a beach resort, you might want to spend all day reading a book by the beach but your friend might want to go snorkeling. She’ll want you to tag along but you won’t. It will make you both angry and will leave your friend with nothing to do. So talk about your expectations and plans beforehand. Decide what you will do each day. Some things you can all do on your own thing instead of relying on the whole group. Going solo can be a lot of fun too, and it also takes off pressure from pleasing each other.

3. Share Responsibilities:
Nominate who’s going to do what. One should be in charge of all hotel and flight reservations, one should do research on local culture and attractions while one should take care of the budget. Assigning responsibilities decreases confusion and time wastage. Everyone knows who’s supposed to do so things will get done efficiently. Bonus: when something goes wrong, you’ll know exactly who to blame. Just imagine how much less fights and time will take to figure out whose fault it was!

4. Know Each Other:
When we’re at home, we ignore and tolerate the quirkiness and weird habits of our friends. In fact, those things endear our friends to us even more. However, be very aware that your friend will continue to be the same person even when you’re traveling. Those cute quirky habits can very quickly begin to get on your nerves! If your friend is in a habit of constantly using social media then she’ll do so on the trip too, leaving you with nobody to talk to. So it’s very important to choose your travel companion wisely.

There can be nothing more fun than traveling with your friends. Keep these things in mind if you don’t want your friendship to break while traveling.

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